Effective Business Writing

Business communication has value only if it is accessible, easy to understand, and relevant. If effective, such communication provides information that people can use, improves customer service, saves time and money, and allows management to make swifter and logical decisions.


  • Give participants a comprehensive review of grammar so they can write their thoughts, ideas, and desires more effectively;
  • Provide guidelines in writing business memos, letters, and emails;
  • Help participants gain more self-confidence through the reinforcement exercises.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

1. Identify characteristics of effective memos, letters, and emails;
2. Organize and present facts and ideas clearly;
3. Identify the flaws and common faults in writing;
4. Demonstrate understanding of writing principles through analyzing and improving actual memos, letters, and emails;
5. Enhance writing skills in the actual preparation and editing of memos, letters, and emails.


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