Records Management & 5S System

Organizations today are faced with many challenges – technological advances, demands for customer or public service, and the need to adapt quickly to change.

Because of all these changes that take place, people in organizations must be willing to adapt to all trends and techniques to be viable and in sync with a global culture. The office worker must constantly strive to improve his office environment, work space, and personal style to cope with the demands of a dynamic global culture.

One of the more recent techniques adopted by many organizations is the so-called 5S of Good Housekeeping.  The 5S program is a Japanese philosophy on effective workplace organization and work standardized procedures.  It focuses on having visual order, organization, cleanliness and standardization.  

Organizations who chose to adopt the 5S program gained improved profitability, efficiency, service and safety.

This course on Records Management and the 5S Systems was conceptualized to prepare the staff  in the Department of Health  to the implementation of the ISO. 


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