Work & Personal Effectiveness Workshop for Secretaries & Admin Assistants

Treat your secretaries and admin assistants to a learning event that will make them more effective on the job and in their personal lives.

The incumbents of these two positions in the organization, who are responsible for a variety of administrative duties necessary to run an office effectively and efficiently, deserve a time off from their jobs to participate in a training program designed exclusively for them.

Management may flatter itself that the company could not get along without it, but fire the secretaries and admin assistants, and watch how quickly the business falls apart. Thus, considering the importance of these employees in the efficient running of the business, it is incumbent upon all organizations to look after their continuous professional and personal development.

This two-day workshop will equip the participants to be more proactive in anticipating the needs and demands of their bosses, while at the same time maintaining excellent office teamwork and meeting the needs of their internal and external customers. 

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